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Sunkist Cransations Snack Packs

Sunkist Snacks have now followed the successes of Sunkist® Trail Mix™ including the introduction of Sunkist Cranston® Snack Packs, that are ready to go in a lunchbox or backpack and are never fried, never baked and made from just real fruit. Sunkist Cransation® Snack Pack have been a welcome solution for snackers seeking delicious, nutritious snacks with no added sugar, colors or flavors. We designed the clean packaging for these snack packs.


With pops of color around the seal, consumers will be able to identify different flavors quickly and easily. Professional food photography conveys the quality of Sunkist’s products and appeals to shoppers by showing what is inside the packaging. These snack packs are sure to be flying off the shelves.