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The way you search on Google determines the results that you get… so why aren’t you getting great results?

“NC Logos” and Other Broad-Ranging Results

The way you search on Google determines the results that you get… so why aren’t you getting great results? You’re not getting great search results because your search terms themselves are too broad. Let me give you an example: “NC logos“.  While searching this Google result, you will receive a great deal of information about NC logos, and in fact, you you’ll probably find our company there as well: Generate Design. The reason you’ll find us is because we are a graphic designadvertising and website design company in Raleigh North Carolina. Do we design great logos? We do. Is that what you’re looking for? Well, honestly we hope so.

However, if you are trying to find a specific North Carolina logo, if you are trying to find a specific design firm to make your logo, you may find that the results are difficult to find among the clutter of results you’ve received. There are numerous colleges in North Carolina which have specific logos ( none will be shown here, sorry).  Even trying to take the two terms to something close, like “Raleigh Logos” will be too vague. You have companies in this area which create those logos, and you have plenty of areas which will sell you items with those logos on them. Trying to wade through all those results to get to the pure gold you want can be tedious.

Long Tail Keywords Are Your Friends

As a result, most people have resorted to using” long tail keywords” in their Google searches. This means that rather than looking up a short term searches like “NC Logos” you might try to break things down into longer, more specific terms such as “Raleigh NC logo” to find logos related to Raleigh, or places in Raleigh that make logos. “Web Design Raleigh” would be used to generate searches for web design creators in Raleigh, NC. By increasing the amount of terms that you are searching for, Google will strip out and remove the results which are vague in lieu of the terms which are more specific.

You can even get more specific than this. In fact there’s a great amount of “Google Fu” which you can use to custom tailor your searches to specific topics. In fact, if that is something that you guys are interested in reading about, please reach out to us and we’ll make a whole article just about that.

Removing Words From Your Results

But, getting back to more specific results: First, you can include the negative sign (-)  in front of the word to exclude certain content. Google will begin searching and return a result with all of your positive words, and then remove all results which include the negative words prior to displaying them.

Here’s an example:  “NC logos -college“. this will give you a range of North Carolina logos and their creators, while removing any college items or college listings. Hopefully, this gets you closer to your requested result, however, North Carolina is a great big state, so you may want to be more specific even then before.

Choosing Specific Locations

“Graphic Design” is a broad term, and result would be from the entire United States, if not the world. Including the word “Location:” and adding in a place name without a space will tailor your results to only a specific location. For instance, if you were to say “graphic design location:Raleigh” You would be specifying that you are interested in seeing listings for “graphic design” but only based on their location (specifically the city of Raleigh,NC). Doing this, you will begin to see that the best companies for those terms will immediately come to the top of the search. you can of course get even more specific such as “corporate graphic design location:Raleigh”. Test it out yourself. I think you see where this is going.

Looking at these listings, you can try to further organize your searches by seeing what Google has to say, and tempering that with the results that viewers like you and other intelligent people have to say. For instance, when looking for “graphic design location:Raleigh”, you will notice that several design companies top up in the map section. Generate Design will be among them, as is a nearby design company Rock Brand Creative, as well as a handful of other businesses. Now these search results will be based on nearness to your location, and close graphic design companies might be more popular or more helpful for your business. But, how can you know which one is the best?

Reviews: Proving Your Worth

Certainly, it’s Google’s business to give you the best results. This keeps you using their services, and trusting the listings which are higher in the page. Sometimes, if your business is good at what it does, customers and clients will give you a positive review. A review which gets three stars or more out of five is probably a fair candidate. As you look at the results, ask yourself: How many reviews has that listing received? Are they reputable

When searching out something vague like “NC logos”, you may find that there are many reviews for a signage or T-shirt shop. This probably indicates people’s enjoyment of the products they purchased. When we look at “graphic design location:Raleigh“, we might see that Rock Brand has almost a dozen positive reviews. if a company has multiple positive reviews, perhaps that makes them a good fit for you and your business. Take those reviews to heart though, a company with many reviews is probably one which has— over time— given excellent quality performance to its customers.

At the time of this writing, generate design has 20 positive reviews. Does that mean we’re a good fit for your logo design? Possibly. Will these numbers grow in time? Only if customers are satisfied.

Conclusion: Find The Best Results

Through great searching, strong attention to detail, and long tail keywords, you’ll find good results. We’ve gotten our results by helping keep businesses moving and in touch with their clients and customers. At Generate Design, we strive to do well and keep your brand moving forward. We’d love to be the end of your search and we’d love to help you create the great logo that turns heads all over the state.

Again, if you’d like to hear more about how to use Google searching for items like long tail keywords and get off of the list such as NC logos, contact us we love to have that conversation.

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