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Generate Design is a Raleigh website design & development and graphic design firm that brings clarity out of a world of chaos. Design makes things look, feel and function better.

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Generate Business Leads with Generate Design.


Generate Business Leads with Generate Design.

We know the best customer you’ve never met. At Generate Design, we put brands into motion by helping to generate business leads. Let me ask you: who is the right customer for your business, and how can we help get you in touch with them? Its easier than you think.

In business, continuing to work with a satisfied customer is smart. Once they’ve experienced the great service you offer, it is relatively cheap and easy to continue with a level of success. However, many times businesses cannot continue to sell what they have over and over and over again to the same customers. In that case, lead generation becomes an incredibly important part of our every day business. However, the question remains: how can you find the best customers for your business?

Finding new customers id almost always an expensive process. You might advertise and hope to get them. Based on the type of customer you have, you might put something on the radio in the hopes of gathering their attention. You might market to certain demographics with print or social media, and possibly leave other demographics un-marketed to. Why is it so often hit-or-miss? You know who your best clients are, and you know the target market… But how can you be assured that they are receiving your message? How can you get more prospects? With leads.

Lead Generation

At Generate Design, we can create a specified list of qualified leads for your business. The list can be tailored to your specific customer base, in sets large and small, specific or general. So what makes a good lead for your company?

Do you want to target someone who has a title of vice president or higher? Someone who makes over $300,000 a year? Perhaps someone who spends $1000 or more every month on their credit card? We can find those people who cover all three of those bases, or perhaps just a few of those.  Do you want the within the entire United States, separated by state, or only the ones within a specific area code? We can do all that too. Perhaps the number of qualified leads for your business shoots up into the tens of thousands, and perhaps they drop to just 300 confirmed individuals. If that’s not enough, our team can work with you to massage your requirements. Whether you’re shooting to advertise to 500 high-powered employers or offering a special deal to 60,000 tech-savvy individuals, we’ll work with you to get the number of leads which will make your advertisement ROI really soar.

Get Ahead

You might be surprised, but this sort of thing isn’t magic. It has to do with harnessing the power of need. At Generate Design we work at putting brands into motion, and if your brand is slowing down, or worst of all standing still, we can help your business pick up speed with a highly-targeted advertisement. Your specific market audience has a need, and with the best advertising design, direct mail, or email campaigns, you’ll do more than grab their attention— you’ll make them a customer for life.

Sometimes you have to travel as fast as you can just to stay in the place that you are. Sometimes you have to work twice as as that just to get ahead. At Generate Design, we are here to help your business succeed. Let’s see how we can make your business step up and stand out with the perfect customers— built just for you— all by generating leads for your business

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